The AMBI platform is based on existing and currently ongoing collaboration between research groups from all three schools of LUT University.

AMBI is at the heart of creating value in digital economy as it concentrates in a number of ways to create tools and models for managing businesses and the manufacturing industry in the digitalized world and especially for the transformation that is taking place in manufacturing technologies.
 Digitalization- and analytics-driven industry transformation relates to the changes in how business and industry are being managed and controlled in real-time, to the analytics-based automation of digital business processes, and to the optimization of managerial actions allowed by soft computing driven business analytics.
The AMBI platform brings high added value as manufacturing technology excellence is complemented with analytics know-how, a strong business perspective and creates high industry relevance.

 Digitalization is connected to the transformation of manufacturing technologies driven by development of additive manufacturing systems (3D and 4D printing) that may cause a revolution also in supply chains. Digitalization and modern manufacturing systems create the bedrock for new digitalization and analytics based networked business models relevant to many, but not least to the industrial maintenance sector.

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