The AMBI platform uses the equipment and resources of the Viipuri Laboratory at the School of Business and Management to study managerial and client-side behavior in the context of decision-making under uncertainty, specifically within the umbrella of investment decision-making.

The infrastructure is coupled through international collaboration with a similar existing laboratory at the University of Trento (CEEL), where obtained results are validated. In collaboration with the University of Trento (ITA), a strategic LUT research partner, the Viipuri Lab infrastructure is activated in the production of high-quality experimental business research that concentrates on management decision-making under uncertainty.
The research will be conducted by making laboratory experiments on decision-maker behavior under controlled circumstances. The Cognitive and Experimental Economics Laboratory at University of Trento (ITA) has over 25 years of experience in the field lead by Prof. Luigi Mittone. Professor Mittone will oversee the development of the Viipuri Lab and act as a visiting professor at LUT within the context of the platform. The platform will support the initiative by way of providing analytics support for the laboratory and a laboratory engineer who will facilitate the experiments and design the software used.
AMBI utilizes the computation server capacity provided by the LENS group focusing on applied mathematics and in connection with the additive manufacturing technologies the existing (3D-printer) infrastructure that already supports the research in additive manufacturing and welding of metal structures (AM devices, software environment, and monitoring devices).The research follows the best tradition in the field.The research group will seek further external funding for collaboration with other laboratories in Europe.


Head Viipuri-Lab

+358 46 9202424

Azzurra Morreale received her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management from University of Palermo (Italy) in March 2015 and, since September 2015, she is a Research Fellow at the School of Business and Management at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). She is also a member of CEEL (Cognitive and Experimental Economics Laboratory), Department of Economics, Management University of Trento (Italy). She has been a visiting scholar at the University of California Santa Cruz (USA), and she is a regular visiting scholar at University of Trento (Italy). She is particularly specialized in behavioral experimental and quantitative methods, and she has applied such methods to several financial and economics contexts (e.g. real options testing, crowdfunding, organizational exploration-exploitation dilemma, tax compliance, among others). “