The AMBI platform brings together the technical and business research conducted at LUT University around a common theme of analytics in business and manufacturing.

Our research focuses on smart technologies in the manufacturing industry, digital transformation and business analytics. With our help companies can improve their competitiveness and create sustainable value in the digital economy. The AMBI platform combines research in modern manufacturing technologies, manufacturing and production business models, and analytics-based decision-making. 

Our research results in advanced design, manufacturing and processing methods, based on the latest knowledge on e.g. digital twins and additive manufacturing. An empirical, model-based research approach to business models helps businesses thrive in complex market environments. 

The main scientific objectives of the AMBI platform

Creation of the theory and application of smart business analytics tools and
methods for better decision-making based on experimental behavioral research and real-world data.

Empirical and model-based study of business models, supply chain-, and regulation-models to better understand the drivers of sustainable business in the digital economy to help companies to understand the drivers of value creation and sustainable business in the digital economy.

Creation of a set of tools and techniques for a smarter and more sustainable simulation-aided component design and manufacturing process using additive manufacturing methods

Creation of a strong research group of experimental business research at LUT University

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