The newest MFG4.0 dissertation reveals the remarkable potential of additive manufacturing in the circular economy

Patricia Nyamekye defended her Thesis this week at LUT University: Her research focused on Life cycle cost-driven design for additive manufacturing

The dissertation of Nyamekye on additive manufacturing (AM) (popularly known as 3D printing) included investigatory research of resource consumptions, effects of process factors, and life cycle cost of AM.

Junior Researcher
Patricia Nyamekye


The study consists of engineering and business approaches to identifying the best adoption plan for 3D printing. The findings prove that AM offers new opportunities with design flexibility and superior functional components that reduce industrial users’ life cycle costs. The manufacturing method enhances the circular economy through material reuse and extended service life with optimised and superior components


Additive manufacturing, design for additive manufacturing, (DfAM), circular economy, (CE), laser-based powder bed fusion, (L-PBF), life cycle cost, LCC-driven, metal AM, metal L-PBF, simulation-driven DfAM, sustainability.​

Nyamekye. P.(2021). Life cycle cost-driven design for additive manufacturing: the frontier to sustainable manufacturing in laser-based powder bed fusion