Developing Digital Twin for Smart Manufacturing. What are the preliminaries?

Digital Twin (DT) is an emerging concept, which by broad definition refers to (a set of) digital models of physical entities. This paper discusses the preliminaries of when and to what extent digital twinning could be applied to optimize whole manufacturing systems. The key considerations are formalized into ten generic propositions based on the synthesis of the existing scientific knowledge. It is claimed that the boldest visions of DT technology seem not yet attainable due to several philosophical and technological restrictions.

Post-doc. Researcher
Jyrki Savolainen

Project Researcher
Mikkel Stein Knudsen

As a practical suggestion, companies should start their system-level digitalization efforts with workable, yet profitable, ‘low-fidelity’ DTs with limited data collection. These types of initiatives may speed up the development towards today’s idealistic visions of factory-wide digital twins. That is, by choosing the right investments in promising DT-technologies, e.g. Finnish manufacturing firms can gain key strategic advantages for the future.


Digital twin, simulation ,investments, cyber-physical system


Savolainen. J., and Knudsen. M. S.(2021). Contrasting Digital Twin Vision of Manufacturing with the Industrial Reality. International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, September, 1–18.